Welcome to ZeroGo’s Workbench! Here I will update some articles I have written, and some articles I will write. My points are not neutral. Please forgive me if some articles are too biased.

The contents of the updated articles of this blog mainly include:

  • Game Reviews
  • Android study notes (updated synchronously with CSDN)
  • Other essays

At the same time, there should be a comment area below, which may be closed at any time depending on the situation. Please cherish it!

Due to my limited ability, I will give priority to updating Chinese articles, and update English articles (It depends!), please understand!

P.S.: In order to save space, all the pictures in my articles are stored in WebP format. If you can’t display these pictures, please use a more advanced browser to browse!

欢迎来到小Z的工作台! 在这里我会把我自己曾经写过的一些文章以及以后的文章都会更新在这里。 本人不中立,主观,如果一些文章过于偏见也尽请谅解。


  • 游戏评测
  • Android学习笔记(与CSDN同步更新)
  • 一些随笔



P.S.: 为了节省空间,本文所有的图都采用了WebP格式进行存储,如果你显示不出图片请换用更高级的浏览器进行浏览!