Linux Notes / Linux折腾笔记

为了防止自己反复折腾,搞一个折腾笔记还是有必要的!本篇笔记会持续更新。 安装NVIDIA驱动 众所周知,在Linux操作系统中安装NVIDIA驱动是一件非常麻烦的事情,而且很容易崩溃。下面介绍如何使用官方的RunFile文件进行安装驱动。 准备工作 你需要将驱动程序提前放入到你的电脑中,否则到命令行中复制还得需要挂载或者下载等操作浪费时间。 安装驱动安装程序所需要的软件:gcc cmake make,例如 sudo apt install gcc cmake make 禁用Linux通用图形界面驱动nouveau 打开/etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf文件 sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf 在文件的末尾...

Android notes is on! / Android学习笔记已上线!

The Android notes I planned before were posted to my blog before CSDN, and I am going to update them in chapters. You can click on the link to view, or click on the Android Notes in the upper navigation bar to view! 我之前企划的Android学习笔记先于CSDN上架到我的博客,并且准备分章节更新,大家可以点击链接进行查看,或者点击上方导航栏的Android Notes进行查看!

Welcome to ZeroGo's Workbench! / 欢迎来到小Z的工作台!

Welcome to ZeroGo’s Workbench! Here I will update some articles I have written, and some articles I will write. My points are not neutral. Please forgive me if some articles are too biased. The contents of the updated articles of this blog mainly include: Game Reviews Android study notes (updated synchronously with CSDN) Other essays A...